Grid install may fail with “no network HB”

We have tried to install a new 11gR2 Grid (as for now it is and found a “wonderful” issue which is not obvious to diagnose. The cluvfy utility failed to check private network connectivity between the nodes. Both machines are in the same network, no firewall between them, each machine sees other one and itself by ping. The CSSD process had interesting message in its log:

clssnmvDHBValidateNCopy: node 1, nodename1, has a disk HB, but no network HB, ...

But IT is not a place for miracles, is it?

At last we have found the solution in the MOS Note 1212703.1. The main reason to fail was related to the new’s feature called “Redundant Interconnect Usage”. As those note described, “multicast based communication on the private interconnect is utilized to establish communication with peers in the cluster on each startup of the stack on a node”. But not every infrastructure allow to use multicast on default and therefore there is a patch which adds support of multicast on

The note 1212703.1 gives utility called mcasttest-tool to check it and appropriate patch 9974223. And good news is that you don’t have to reinstall the GI, just install this patch as documented. We succeeded with our install! 🙂

So before upgrading to check your environment, don’t let confuse you!

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