Using the Secure External Password Store with Instant Client

There are several articles of how to use Secure External Password Store, e.g. Using The Secure External Password Store [ID 340559.1] and official doc Managing the Secure External Password Store for Password Credentials or Oracle’s White Paper Secure External Password Store. However, the main utility mkstore is not a part of Instant Client package. So how to use it?

I guess it is possible to create and edit wallet on the one of the server machines where all the commands needed definitely present and then copy it to the local machine, but let’s try another way.

mkstore actually is a shell script file located as bin/mkstore.bat on Windows and bin/mkstore on Unix in a standard Oracle Client installation. So copy it to our Instant Client directory, make some edits and copy other java libraries which could be necessary to run mkstore. Finally I’ve got it as such (for Windows client)


SET ORACLE_HOME=%HOMEPATH%\Apps\instantclient_11_2

REM Get the command line arguments
set args=
 if !%1==! goto :done
 set args=%args% %1
 goto :loop

REM Classpath for mkstore, copy these libraries from full installation

SET CP=%ORACLE_HOME%\oraclepki.jar
SET CP=%CP%;%ORACLE_HOME%\osdt_core.jar
SET CP=%CP%;%ORACLE_HOME%\osdt_cert.jar

java -classpath %CP% %args%


All other action should be done as usual: create a wallet location and the wallet itself, edit sqlnet.ora, create credentials and so on. It worked for me.
A look to Unix version of mkstore suggests to add two more libraries: encryption/jlib/ojpse.jar and ldap/test/lib/emma.jar; these could be useful for cases I’m not able to test.

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