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Using the Secure External Password Store with Instant Client

There are several articles of how to use Secure External Password Store, e.g. Using The Secure External Password Store [ID 340559.1] and official doc Managing the Secure External Password Store for Password Credentials or Oracle’s White Paper Secure External Password Store. However, the main

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`Dirty` trick from Linux vendors

Today I wasted several hours to troubleshoot an installation problem on OEL 6.3: GI was unable to install in silent mode due to error ‘File “/etc/resolv.conf” is not consistent across nodes’. I tried almost everything and even checked an md5

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How to forbid maintenance tasks to run during monthly reporting period

It’s a common practice for many companies to have kind of monthly reporting period near the first days of a month, when all parties work hard to provide reports in time. This time could be very strict in term of

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ORA-8103 and DDL on a trigger

Once upon a time i was contacted by one of internal customers with a strange situation: some job were failing with error ORA-8103 sometimes. The error itself is not a big deal; there are a lot of documents which describe

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Bombing a database with Public Synonym

Let’s imagine we have some procedure which depends in public synonym, say – USER_TABLES: Connect as scott and check that it depends on the synonym: And do the trick (as scott) The procedure becomes invalid while creating object with the

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When DML becomes DDL

Some time ago I was contacted by one of our developers (smile and wave, yes, you!) with very interesting issue on (fortunately) development database. The next is almost a quote: Ok, 20033 is user-defined exception at recursive level 2… this

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Grid install may fail with “no network HB”

We have tried to install a new 11gR2 Grid (as for now it is and found a “wonderful” issue which is not obvious to diagnose. The cluvfy utility failed to check private network connectivity between the nodes. Both machines

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